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Oasis Animation


Our mission is to offer high-quality 2D animation services internationally. Founded in 2003 by Jacques Bilodeau, Oasis Animation’s digital infrastructure consists of cutting-edge technology and is led by a team of highly-skilled artists and digital production experts.

Recent accomplishments

In 2015, Oasis Animation produced the first season of “Les Grandes Gueules s’animent” which was broadcast on Télétoon la nuit. The animated series features the remarkable duo “Les Grandes Gueules” along with their loyal associate for the last 15 years, Richard Turcotte. The animated comedy has also been adapted into English under the title “Two Nuts and a Richard” which was also broadcast on Adult Swim Canada. The second series of “Les Grandes Gueules s’animent” is presently under production for 12 new episodes which will again be broadcast on Adult Swim Canada starting September 2017.

Always perfecting animation

Join the team!

We are looking for talented artists who will create a solid impact on the exciting projects we have under way. Make the most of your skills in design, storyboard, colour, layout, rigging, animation and compositing.

  • 2D Digital Animation Specialist
  • Great working environment
  • Our own training campus
  • Passionate team
  • Group insurance
  • Located in the beautiful Plateau area.
Campus Oasis

High Level of Training in 2D Animation

First Authorised Training center in Canada

Next session August 2018