An expertise that makes all the difference

Jacques Bilodeau
Founding President and Producer, Oasis Animation

Jacques Bilodeau has been working in the television industry for more than 30 years. He founded PMT Vidéo, a special effects and 3D animation company before joining Groupe TVA as Vice-President of the Techner Group. He was also the Founding President of Toon Boom Technologies Inc., the world leader in animation software whose customers include Walt Disney Animation, Warner Bros, Dreamworks and Nelvana, to name just a few. In 2003, he founded Oasis Animation and to this date, acts as President and Producer for the company.

Diane Dallaire
Vice-President and Producer

Diane Dallaire is Vice-President & Producer for Oasis Animation since 2008, supervising all aspects in the creation of animated productions. With more than 25 years of experience in animation in companies such as Cookie Jar Animation and Cinar, Diane Dallaire managed the production of more than 1000 half hours of animation.

Joëlle Lapointe
Director, Human Resources and talent acquisition specialist

Fascinated by the human condition, art and culture, Joëlle combines her interests with her work at Oasis Animation. She strongly believes people are the spirit of a company. She recommends wellbeing at work, collaboration and performance in order to obtain maximum efficiency from the artists and workers. What animates her the most, is meeting talented and passionate people to include them in the team so they can perform great accomplishments. With simple gestures, she likes to make a difference in the life of working people, and pull together the team to achieve the highest goals.

Isabelle Bilodeau
Director of Business Development

Isabelle Bilodeau, Director of Business Development at Oasis Animation, is responsible for developing and growing business opportunities for the 2D Animation studio. She is a graduate from McGill University in Finance. Previously, she worked as a corporate financial analyst at comedy house Just for Laughs (Juste pour rire) and was responsible for the development and analysis of new investment opportunities. She formerly was a producer of live entertainment shows at Juste pour rire and the Operation Manager at Just for Laughs Theatrical.